A little bit of loveology

La decisión mas grande e importante de la vida de una persona es seguir a Dios y la segunda más importante es elegir con la persona que te vas a casar, porque vivirás toda tu vida con ella, para siempre – forever – las decisiones que tu futuro marido/esposa tome te afectará también, sus pensamientos, sus valores, visiones y sueños. Les conté un poco sobre el libro que yo anduve leyendo que se llama LOVEOLOGY, hay una parte de ese libro que explica muy bien para qué fue creado el matrimonio en la visión de Dios.

1. Friendship: There is a line in the Hebrew wisdom literature that refers to a person’s spouse as his or her allup. It is a word that can be translated “companion” or “best friend”. Your spouse is your closest friend.

God created marriage for you to walk through life with the person you enjoy. The one who knows you better than anybody. Better than your own mother.

2. Gardening: God put Adam in the garden to “work and take care of it”. We were created to work. To partner with God to make gardenlike world in wich humans can thrive and God can walk with his people in the cool of the day.

Everybody needs a gardening project. Everybody needs to find a calling in life. What’s your calling? What’s your gardening project? Because all healthy marriages are built around a calling. Marriage is a means to an end. 

God created Eve to help Adam, God created a partner – one who comes alongside to help achieve a goal. A helper is not an employee. A helper is an equal, its’s someone you love and respect, an ally in a war.

Women, don’t marry a man without an gardening project. 

Men, don’t marry a women who doesn’t want to be your helper, partner in life. 

3. Sexuality: God created sexuality as the glue to hold marriage. Adam and Eve were friends, partners as well, but they were also lovers.

4. Family: God said, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth…” God commands the original humans to make babies. Family exists to spread God’s rule out over the earth. 

Marriage is about so much more than marriage, Adam an Eve were made to do life together, to work and sweat and bleed for a better world, to make love whenever they wanted, to make babies.

Aún estoy leyendo este libro y me encantó, les recomiendo mucho para que lo lean! El autor es John Mark Comer. Después les cuento más!

xoxo, Melo.



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